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If you’re in a car wreck, you want your coverage to kick in quickly, but that is not always the case if you, or the person who hits you, has a “non-standard” insurance policy.

The I-Team found cases in which people waited several weeks, or even more than a year, for what they call “stalled insurance.”

Todd Jeffers says he filed a claim with another driver’s insurance company after he was hit, but that company, the “low cost” or “non-standard” insurer Unique didn’t pay the claim for almost 2 months.

“It made me feel like they didn’t want to pay that they didn’t want to handle my claim,” Jeffers says.

He got a check for almost $ 1,300 after the I-Team got involved.

“Now all of the sudden they are cooperating,” he says.

According to the Illinois Department of Insurance, the wait could be considered a reasonable amount of time; under state law a company has 30 days to send a check if the claim is approved and only has to send a letter of explanation if a third party claim is still open after 60 days.

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