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The Senate is debating cuts to the federally subsidized crop insurance program as it considers a massive farm bill this week. 

The Obama administration said Monday it wants to see more cuts to crop insurance and farm subsidies in the legislation, which would cost almost $ 100 billion a year over five years and would set policy for farm programs and food aid. 

The bill would cut about $ 2.4 billion annually from overall farm spending. But it would still expand federally subsidized crop insurance and raise some subsidies for rice and peanut farmers. The White House did not specify how large a cut it was seeking. 

Almost $ 80 billion of the annual cost of the bill is for domestic food aid, with most of the rest of the money split between farm subsidies, federal help for crop insurance and programs to protect environmentally sensitive land. 

The government spent an estimated $ 15.8 billion on the program for the 2012 crop year after a drought destroyed many crops, up from $ 9.4 billion in 2011. The government subsidizes about 62 percent o……….. continues on Fox News.

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