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Gov. Pat Quinn wants to end the state’s contribution to the Teachers’ Retirement Insurance Program in the budget year that will start July 1.

The state was expected to contribute nearly $ 87 million to TRIP next year. It is unclear how that money will be made up – or whether retirees will have to pay more – if lawmakers go along with the idea.

That means Catherine Hammersley will be watching the state’s budget machinations closely this spring.

Hammersley, 60, a retired administrator with the Harrisburg School District, relies on the retired teachers program for her health-care coverage in retirement. It costs her about $ 184 a month.

“Our budget’s already being pinched with the cost of fuel going up and groceries and commodities,” Hammersley said.

Tucked away in the budget plan Quinn submitted to lawmakers last week is the administration’s proposal to end the state subsidy to both TRIP and to a similar, but much smaller program, covering retired……….. continues on The State Journal-Register.

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