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Gov. Pat Quinn on Tuesday released a vague outline of how much Illinoisans will pay next year for health insurance plans offered under the Affordable Care Act.

The governor’s announcement, which offers a narrow glance into the new rates, comes in the absence of federal approval of the 165 plans to be offered by eight insurance companies in Illinois starting Jan. 1.

While the state has refused to provide plan information and costs for weeks, turning down several records requests from the Tribune and other news organizations, several other states have released rates, allowing consumers more time to plan their budgets around a mandate to buy health insurance. 

Quinn said rates for health insurance plans in the marketplace will be more than 25 percent lower than federal government estimates. In the news release, however, the governor lists only the cheapest plans that will be offered on the Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace, an online, Amazon-like tool where people can compare and purchase plans.

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