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Q&A: What does the health care law mean for you?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Free vaccines for kids, cheaper drugs for the elderly and many other benefits of President Barack Obama’s health care law are already out there. More are coming, like a guaranteed right to buy health insurance even for patients with serious medical troubles. Many businesses and wealthy taxpayers, however, will see their costs go up.

And most Americans balk at the idea of the government making people carry insurance or pay a penalty on their federal tax returns.

The effects of the nation’s health care law, upheld Thursday by the Supreme Court, are gigantic and growing. Some questions and answers about it:

Q: What does the ruling mean for me?

A: The ruling affects virtually every American. Obama’s health care law tells almost everyone they must be insured and makes sure that coverage will be available to them even if they are already ill or need hugely e……….. continues on The Associated Press.

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