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Insurance probably isn’t the first thing a traveler thinks about when planning a vacation. But when a cruise ship is stuck in the Gulf of Mexico or a volcano erupts in Europe, travel insurance may start to seem like a good idea. We asked Mark Kahler, the budget travel guide at, about the pros and cons of purchasing insurance before a trip.

Q. Why should anyone buy travel insurance?

A. There are certain situations where you should have it. You can insure yourself for almost any travel-related calamity, but you have to weigh the odds to see if it’s worth spending the money. It just takes one bad experience to make you wish you had it.

Q. What are the most basic questions a consumer should ask before purchasing a policy?

A. You want to ask a lot of questions before purchasing. I’m not a big fan of going online to buy. It’s better to make a phone call. Ask the person selling the policy about weather-re……….. continues on Boston Globe.

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