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NEW YORK — Dan Danner never expected to end up in the middle of the health care debate. Or, for that matter, in politics.

As president of the National Federation of Independent Business, the biggest advocacy group representing small business owners in the U.S., Danner helped oversee the organization’s attempt to overturn the health care overhaul. Last month, the NFIB’s lawyers were among those arguing against the law before the Supreme Court.

The NFIB, which has lobbied for small businesses since its founding in 1943, contends that the law will harm small businesses by driving up their health insurance costs. It argued that a provision that requires individuals to purchase health insurance is unconstitutional. Both sides in the debate are waiting to see if the Supreme Court strikes down the individual mandate or the entire law — or allows the law as a whole to stand.

Danner is on the forefront of other issues that affect the NFIB’s 350,000 members, many of whom have companies with just a handful of employees. He leads the NFIB’s lobbying on c……….. continues on Washington Post.

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