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AUSTIN – Few state legislators are ever identified with a single issue as much as Rep. John Smithee is with windstorm insurance.

Smithee is from the Panhandle, a region unlikely to suffer devastation from a windstorm.

But, as chairman of the House Insurance Committee, the Amarillo Republican has long played a key role to keep the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association in line.

Commonly known as the TWIA, this quasi-government agency is the insurer of last resort for about 250,000 property and business owners in 14 coastal counties at risk of total devastation when major hurricanes hit the coast.

With the hurricane season already here and TWIA in urgent need of reform because of recent allegations of mismanagement and corruption, Smithee again has stepped center stage to settle a legislative battle between now and Wednesday. If the battle continues, it could force Gov. Rick Perry to call another special session nobody wants.

“I think we’re both committed,” Smithee said about major differences between the House and the Senate on……….. continues on
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